Course 1 - Introduction to Ergonomics in Manual Handling

An introduction into the challenges with implementing good ergonomics in the workplace and how workers, armed with the SoterSpine solution, can assist.

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Amy Hope
Amy Hope

I became interested in ergonomics during my time working as an osteopath. Six years ago I opened my own practice in London Bridge, managing a team of five multi-disciplinary practitioners, and worked as the principle osteopath.

During this time, I also conducted DSE, specialist and problem solving workstation assessments and provided ergonomics consultancy services for local offices in the City of London. Conducting these assessments and learning about ergonomic products sparked great interest in the way people work, physical ergonomics, and amazing solutions provided by ergonomic products.

I now apply this knowledge and experience at Soter Analytics where our SoterSpine solution is revolutionising workplace training and ergonomics.

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